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Couple Checkups


Effectiveness of Couple Checkup; Self - Directed vs Small Groups  (click here)

Meier, William (2010)

This study evaluated the impact of couples using the Couple Checkup on their own (Self-Directed) versus couples participating in a group (Small Group). Compared to a Control group, couples in both the Self-Directed and Small Group significantly improved in 8 out 10 areas and increased their couple satisfaction. The Self-Directed group appreciated the flexibility of doing the program on their own schedule. The Small Group appreciated the supportive from others in the group. Over 87% of the couples (108 out of 124) would recommend the Couple Checkup to their friends.


Overview of Couple Checkup  (click here)

Olson, Larson & Olson-Sigg (2009)

There is considerable evidence that marriage is good for both adults and children. The Couple Checkup can be used by a couple on their own or used with marriage education programs to improve its impact.  The goal is for the Couple Checkup to reach a more diverse group of couples to empower couples to deal with issues on their own, and to emphasize prevention over remediation.  The Couple Checkup can also be used in a group setting and group leaders can create a Group Summary to help them better understand and work with the couples in a group.


Relationship Wellness for Business  (click here)

David Olson (2006)

While traditionally the world of business and the world of marriage and family relationships have remained disconnected, it is clear they have a major impact on each other. Building marriage and family wellness improves a company's overall financial health, while ignoring these opportunities can decrease a company's profitability.


Online Self-Training

If you are unable to find a workshop in your area or prefer to learn online, you can register for PREPARE/ENRICH
Online Self-Training.


Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentors Talking to Couple

Once your church or community has a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH professional, you might consider establishing a Marriage Mentor Program to help premarital couples get more preparation or married couples get the assistance they need for healthier relationships.

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