A stable, healthy environment is crucial for raising children of any age.

Why “Pre” Adoption and Foster Care?

Know the Couple

You need to know the underlying dynamics of the relationship when you are working with a couple preparing to adopt or foster a child. It is critical to understand the couple’s assumptions about the journey of bringing a child into the family and how that will impact their relationship. This assessment will help enrich your interviewing process.

Encourage Conversations

Couples often assume that bringing a child into the family will be an exciting transition filled with so much love that any bumps along the way will be less impactful. The reality is that adding a new member of the family brings an entirely new level of dynamics. Help make prospective parents aware of expectations and encourage them to consider the many ways their relationship may change before they bring in a child.

Why use our prepare/Enrich?

Place children in the right homes.

Making every effort to make sure the couple is ready will ultimately benefit the child.





Identify Healthy Couples

While no relationship is perfect, it is important to place children in homes with healthy role models and stable relationships. PREPARE/ENRICH provides a wealth of information on each individual, their relationship, and their background.


Prepare Prospective Parents

The Pre-Adoption/Pre-Foster Care assessment version is specifically designed to identify unrealistic expectations and create opportunities for healthy dialogue as couples prepare to bring an adopted/foster child into their family system.


Trust the Results

The items and scales in the inventory are statistically valid and reliable. Percentage scores are based on comparisons with a norm group of over 50,000 couples. This assessment allows you and the couple to confidently move forward in the process.

Know the relationship is ready for children.

“It’s the most objective form of information I have for my interviews. It saves me hours of interviewing time… I wouldn’t do an adoption without one.” – Adoption Case-Worker

Be a Facilitator

Help couples build, renew or restore their relationship. Get certified in PREPARE/ENRICH and start making a difference in couples lives today!

Be a Facilitator