Relationship Tips for When You Take Trips

Visiting new places, trying unfamiliar food, indulging in unique cultures, and seeing exotic sites are great ways to experience life to its fullest. However, traveling without your partner can be tough. When you travel for business, it can be hard to focus on work when you know your partner is not...   Continue Reading



Be Accountabilibuddies

One of the first things we learn about having a successful relationship is that there needs to be healthy, proactive communication.  Though, because we are all human, sometimes there is a  in this proactivity.  You can’t turn back time to fix a mistake, but what you can do is aid in...   Continue Reading



How to Deal with “Sexpectations” in Marriage

When it comes to marriage, expectations are one of the first things a marriage counselor, coach, or  will encourage you to put on the table and address. Oftentimes, people don’t even realize the rigidity of their expectations, or how many they actually have! Adult couples often squirm in...   Continue Reading



You. Owe. Me.

Recently, my husband and I had an  about how to get rid of some junk in our garage.  I wanted to post it on Craig’s List for free.  He wanted to take it to the dump. I didn’t want to pay to get rid of it.  He didn’t want it sitting on our front yard.  We  and...   Continue Reading



Gold Medal Marriage

The 2016 Rio Olympics have come to a close and for those who have watched, we have been inspired by seeing the fruits of the Olympians’ years of preparation and labor.  What can we learn from Olympians to inspire our pursuit of a “Gold Medal Marriage”? Recently I...   Continue Reading



Pursuer vs. Distancer

I fight with my husband from time to time. It happens because  happens. We disagree, but then we figure it out and move forward. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly, but it is  now that he and I understand more about ourselves and our relationship. Until just recently, every time we disagreed, we...   Continue Reading



Monopoly, Money, and Marriage

“I will buy water works from you for $250,” my husband offered.  We were playing our first  of Monopoly.  Sitting around the board was my daughter who is eight, my son who is ten, my husband Brad, and myself.  Having played board games with my husband for 13 plus years, I...   Continue Reading



Healthy Routines Make for a Happy Couple

Did you know that routines in a relationship can be valuable? As a society, we have developed a strikingly negative perspective of falling into a routine in our relationships.  We view spontaneity as the ideal norm.  With that being said, spontaneity is  in a relationship, but routines...   Continue Reading



The Rules of Taking a Time-Out

One of the most significant  I help couples learn to implement into their conflict process is the time-out. Though I’m sure this term makes you think of a toddler sitting in the corner of a kitchen on their mini-stool with a parent standing over them shaking their finger, a time-out in the...   Continue Reading

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