Overview of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program


10 Ways Couple Assessment can Improve Any Relationship Education Program  (click here)


This article describes how couple assessment can increase the impact of any marriage or family education program.


PREPARE/ENRICH: Overview and New Discoveries about
Couples  (click here)

Olson, Olson-Sigg & Larson

This article highlights a variety of new discoveries made about premarital and married couples from data collected using the PREPARE-ENRICH assessment. A brief overview of the Customized Version is provided and evidence about its effectiveness when used with a couple or in a group setting. The Customized Version contains a variety of new scales that are producing compelling relationship findings in the areas of personality, cohabitation, stress, commitment, forgiveness, and spiritual beliefs. The authors provide practical information regarding the application of the program in faith group settings and in pastoral counseling.


PREPARE/ENRICH: Customized Version  (click here)

Olson, Larson & Olson-Sigg

The Customized Version of PREPARE/ENRICH is the fifth version and the distinctive features are that it is online and it is tailor made to each couple. It is called the PREPARE/ENRICH Program because it contains both a couple assessment and couple skill building exercises. The program has 10 core scales and over 100 other scales that tap into important aspects of the couple relationship. The goal of the program is to help increase a couples' awareness of their relationship strengths and growth areas and to provide them with skills so that they can improve their relationship.


Five Parenting Styles based on Couple and Family  (click here)

Olson, Wilde

In a study of 667 parents who took the PREPARE-ENRICH Parenting Version (PEP), David Olson and Jason Wilde described findings related to the five styles of parenting which are: Balanced, Permissive, Overbearing, Strict, and Uninvolved.
Only one-third of the parents used the same parenting style.  Over half of the mothers (50%) and fathers (55%) used the Balanced parenting style.  The Balanced Parenting style was the most positive in terms of a healthy relationship of the couple (more Vitalized couples), less problems with each child, lowest parental stress and positive levels of family communication and satisfaction


PREPARE/ENRICH Programs: A Case Study  (click here)

Olson-Sigg & Olson

The chapter details the two components of PREPARE/ENRICH couple program: the online assessment and the relationship skill-building exercises.  While this program is used with dating, engaged, and married couples, the clinical case study is that of a premarital couple.  The program is designed so that it can be integrated into most other theoretical and therapeutic models for working with couples.


Marriage and Family Facts - 2011  (click here)

Summary of Marriage and Divorce statistics gathered from the census, and various sources.


Online Self-Training

If you are unable to find a workshop in your area or prefer to learn online, you can register for PREPARE/ENRICH
Online Self-Training.


Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentors Talking to Couple

Once your church or community has a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH professional, you might consider establishing a Marriage Mentor Program to help premarital couples get more preparation or married couples get the assistance they need for healthier relationships.

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