Research on Cohabitation

Cohabitation is Less Problematic If Couple Engaged - 2012  (click here)

CDC Study

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that about 60% of all couples now cohabit before marriage.  They also surveyed 20,000 married couples (now married 15 years later) who had cohabited (CDC Cohabitation Study, 2012).  They found that if they were engaged and cohabiting, the divorce rate was the same as non-cohabiting couples.

The is the same finding we discovered using PREPARE/ENRICH data, where engaged cohabiting couples had about the same percentage of Vitalized couples (51%) compared to dating non-cohabiting couples (51%) or engaged non-cohabiting couples (60%).  The most problematic group was dating cohabiting (not engaged) couples where only 21% were Vitalized and 48% were Conflicted.


Cohabitation and Relationship Quality in Dating and Engaged Couples - 2010  (click here)

Peter J. Larson & David H. Olson

In comparing dating couples living together versus apart, the differences were dramatic. Only 21% of the dating couples who are living together were Vitalized, compared with 51% of the dating couples who were not living together. Even more telling, 48% of the cohabiting daters were in the Conflicted range, compared with only 16% of those who were not living together.


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