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Foundation for Strong Marriage Programs:
Many communities and groups around the country have selected the PREPARE/ENRICH Program as their foundation for building a strong marriage program.  It has been selected because PREPARE/ENRICH has a strong research track record of proven efficacy, quality training and resources, a network of available trainers and facilitators, and helpful customer support.


PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program utilizes the same assessment and couple workbook that is used with individual couples, with the addition of an Instructor's Guide and new Couple's Report-Group Edition.  The Instructor's Guide provides ten easy step-by-step lessons with a mix of teaching points, group discussion, and couple exercises.  The Couple's Report-Group Edition follows the outline of the Instructor's Guide, allowing couples to privately discuss their relationship on the topic being presented.  A recent independent study found couples who participated in the PREPARE/ENRICH Group Program increased their relationship satisfaction, confidence, knowledge, and engaged in more positive conflict resolution behaviors (see PREPARE Outcome Study: Individual vs. Group Feedback section on website).

Research Evaluation and Consulting:
Because PREPARE/ENRICH has a powerful data-base system of centralized scoring, we can assist larger projects in managing data and preparing it for statistical analysis and summary reports. We can also help in assessing the impact of larger programs with pre and post-test evaluation.

Research Articles on Premarital and Marriage Programs

Recent outcome studies demonstrate the value of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program for couples.  Studies also demonstrate the value of marriage mentoring and group programs for couples.  Over 20 studies have been done using the PREPARE/ENRICH program.

Overview of PREPARE/ENRICH Program  (click here)

The PREPARE/ENRICH Program has been used by over 100,000 facilitators, and over 3 million couples have taken the program.  The Program consists of taking an assessment and getting feedback using skill-building exercises. PREPARE/ENRICH is designed to teach many skills including communication, conflict resolution skills, and financial management.

Unique Attributes of PREPARE/ENRICH

The PREPARE/ENRICH Program has many unique strengths including a couple typology for premarital and married couples, a Couple and Family Map, personality assessment, scores corrected for Idealistic Distortion, abuse assessment and ongoing studies on the impact of the program.

National PREPARE/ENRICH Trainers

We have over 500 trainers (called Seminar Directors) who offer over 500 workshops each year.

Over 100,000 Facilitators Trained

Nationally, we have a large network of over 100,000 facilitators who have been trained in the PREPARE/ENRICH Program.  These are people you may connect with in your community who are involved and interested in building strong marriages.

Other Programs for Building Strong Marriages:

PREPARE/ENRICH has programs for Marriage Mentors, Couples, Families and Youth.  All programs are based on the foundation of PREPARE/ENRICH, and address topic areas related to healthy relationships, such as communication, conflict resolution, sexual relationship, finances, and personality.


Online Self-Training

If you are unable to find a workshop in your area or prefer to learn online, you can register for PREPARE/ENRICH
Online Self-Training.


Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentors Talking to Couple

Once your church or community has a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH professional, you might consider establishing a Marriage Mentor Program to help premarital couples get more preparation or married couples get the assistance they need for healthier relationships.

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