PREPARE/ENRICH Research Studies

All of the products and programs from PREPARE/ENRICH are built on a strong research foundation. In addition, we conduct and support research to evaluate the impact of our programs and seek ways to improve their effectiveness and impact. Research is ongoing to discover new ideas and ways of improving marriage.

Couple Scales for Research

FACES IV Package for Research

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Family Scales for Research

  • Family Satisfaction
  • Family Communication
  • Clinical Rating Scale for Circumplex Model
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Online Self-Training

If you are unable to find a workshop in your area or prefer to learn online, you can register for PREPARE/ENRICH
Online Self-Training.


Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentors Talking to Couple

Once your church or community has a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH professional, you might consider establishing a Marriage Mentor Program to help premarital couples get more preparation or married couples get the assistance they need for healthier relationships.

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