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Comments from couples

"Our officiant had us fill out this test as well.  We really liked it.  The program showed areas of strength and pinpointed things we needed to talk about.  The coolest thing is it comes with a workbook with activities that you and your FI can do to build communication.  I would suggest you do the PREPARE/ENRICH program." - Tennessee

"We had to do it also, and like the previous post we loved it.  Good Luck!  Have fun with it.  Just remember it can't do any harm to find out where you two can improve.  Kinda like extra credit." - Omaha

"Our pastor is having us use the program as well!" - Wyoming

"We used it as well and it was wonderful.  It really showed us our strengths and areas of improvement to work on as a couple.  It also identified our major stressors in life which was super helpful." - Cincinnati

"We used the assessment as well.  It was very useful and fun, too!  Had a great time!  Have fun with it!" - North Dakota

"We did the test, and it was insightful.  One of the important things is that you each do it on your own and be completely honest on your expectations.  We had fun with it." - Seattle

"FI and I did the test as well.  We're a very open couple and were friends for years but there were still a few things that we learned about each other through the process." - Houston

Comments from couples
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Sought it was an amazing contribution to our plans for marriage.  I think it should be required!

I don't know if my church requires it, but we would have wanted it regardless.  The program was so incredibly valuable for us!

It was required for us in Pierce County, WA but I am very glad we did it, because it has helped us a ton!

My fiance and I wanted to take PREPARE/ENRICH and it has been such a wonderful experience.  It really brought back the value of marriage and solidified why we wanted to get married.

The PREPARE/ENRICH counseling was amazingly eye-opening.  Couldn't imagine getting married without it!

I wanted to make sure we were on the same page before we got married.  It so helped both of us grow together even more.  I recommend every engaged couple (or thinking of marriage) to do it.

Asked for guidance and glad we did!  Has been a wonderful experience getting to know our pastor and believe it or not, my future husband!  Growing, learning, it's a wonderfully reassuring experience!  I would recommend PREPARE/ENRICH to anyone!


Discover your strengths as a couple.  Identify and learn to overcome your issues.

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