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Marriage Mentor Program

Implementing a marriage mentor program can be an exciting and powerful addition to the ministry or outreach of your church or community.  A formal mentoring program often ensures that premarital couples get more preparation, and get it earlier in their engagement; two factors which promote healthier relationships.

  • For premarital and newlywed couples, Marriage Mentors provide helpful role models during the premarital stage and first year of marriage.
  • For married couples, meeting with Marriage Mentors can provide hope, enrichment, and direction for their marriage.
  • For Marriage Mentors, investing in other couples can be an enriching experience for their own marriages.
  • For clergy, a mentoring program provides a way to offer more comprehensive premarital, newlywed and marriage enrichment programs to their congregation and community.
  • For the church, it expands ministry options, facilitates outreach to couples, and helps to develop more sharing and connection among members of the congregation.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program was developed in order to give you, the supervisor, the tools to train Marriage Mentors to work with premarital, newlywed, and married couples.  The program is designed to be flexible so that it can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual congregation or group.  Feel free to adapt it in a way that will be most effective for your setting.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program was developed to give you the tools to train Marriage Mentors.  The resources include:

  • Supervisor Training Guide
  • Marriage Mentor Manual

Studies demonstrate the value of the PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Program:

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