Check In - Part 3: Conversation Inspiration

Last night was rough. Work ran late, traffic was bad, dinner was overcooked, kids didn’t want to take their baths or go to bed, and then finally, after all of that, my husband and I sat down for our Wednesday night “” and we just stared at each other. I set aside time at the end of...   Continue Reading



Check In - Part 2: $20,000 vs. $20

You know what? Weddings are expensive. The beautiful venue, delicious food, trendy entertainment, stunning dress, personalized invitations, crafty decorations, photographer with the perfect eye, adorable favors, so on and so forth, it adds up. I spent just over $20,000 on my (small) wedding years...   Continue Reading



Check In - Part 1: Make a Commitment

I’m busy. My husband is busy. We work full-time, we bring the kids here and there, we try to keep up relationships with our friends, etc. and after all of that, we barely have time for each other. But this month will be different; we are making a commitment to "." A "check...   Continue Reading



Why You Should Pick A Fight With Your Partner

A few years ago PREPARE/ENRICH conducted a survey of over 50,000 married couples. It turned out that 78% of couples reported that they go out of their way to avoid conflict with their partner. Maybe we could interpret this as a good thing—that the majority of couples are simply extra polite...   Continue Reading



The Right Foot

Why do we make New Year’s resolutions? Why not "Third Saturday in July resolutions" or "Birthday resolutions"? Perhaps it is because the beginning of a new calendar year offers a clean slate and the opportunity to start the year off on the right foot, in hopes that we will...   Continue Reading



How to be More Present in Your Relationship

Now that we’ve finished opening (or exchanging!) presents, let’s talk about  present! The more tasks we can accomplish at once, the more productive we feel. We must admit though, that often these are tasks we can complete rather -- folding laundry while texting your friend and catching...   Continue Reading



You're in this together

We know that family of origin has a huge effect on how you spend your holidays. For couples, it is a time often filled with obligations and assumptions based on the traditions that you grew up with. For example, in my family Christmas Day has always been the “big” day, while Christmas...   Continue Reading



On Gratitude: Three Lessons This Realist Needs to Learn

I am a realist. Often people describe us as glass-half-empty-people, but I say I describe the glass as it is. In actuality. In my life this looks like a lot of direct communication, analysis, planning. I plan for what I think will happen, not what I hope will happen or fear might occur. If I am...   Continue Reading



Relationship Rx: Gratitude

grat·i·tude \?gra-t?-?tüd, -?tyüd\: a feeling of appreciation or thanks While Merriam-Webster’s definition of gratitude is pretty clear and encompassing, I think we all might  gratitude in slightly different ways. To me, gratitude differs from  in that I can  a good...   Continue Reading


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