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Our Mission:

Building Strong Marriages

and Healthy Relationships

Underlying Values and Strategies:

  • All programs and resources are scientifically developed and researched.
  • We are committed to reaching the entire life-span: youth, premarital, married, and aging couples.
  • Our programs and resources are designed to be proactive, practical, and skills-based.
  • We help individuals, couples, and families identify their strengths, as well as growth areas.
  • We seek to provide responsive, efficient, and helpful customer service.

Key Features of Our Products:

  • Cutting Edge: The books and programs are of the highest quality and reflect our most up-to-date research and technological development.
  • User Friendly: Both professionals and the couples they work with praise the ease of using these products.
  • Help Build Relationship Skills: All of the resources are designed to help people develop their communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Deal with Significant Issues: All of the books and programs deal with very relevant topics and issues for improving relationships.
  • Reflect Diversity in Culture: All the material is designed to be relevant and work with various ethnic groups, economic and education levels.
  • Strengths are a major focus: The products help individuals, couples and professionals identify their strengths.
  • Assessment scales help to personalize materials: By taking quizzes, people get feedback about themselves and their relationship that is personalized to them.
  • Solid research foundation: All of the books and programs are built on current research findings and ongoing in-house studies.
  • Ongoing product development and improvements: The products are continually being improved and updated.

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by David H. Olson, Amy K. Olson-Sigg, Peter J. Larson.  Identify strengths and learn to overcome issues.  Plus, get one Individual Couple Checkup Assessment Profile free with purchase. Details


Couple Checkup Book

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