3 Ways to Get the Best Marriage Prep

Expectations are high when planning a wedding. There is this need to find the perfect dress, delicious food, a picturesque location, and a photographer who can capture those special moments. Luckily, premarital counseling is becoming part of the wedding planning experience, but that begs the...   Continue Reading



Make Your Next Date Memorable

Couples at all stages may sometimes struggle with  ideas.  Whether you are a long-term, committed couple looking to change up your date routine, or a fresh couple looking for some new ideas, we have provided a list of fun, cheap dates that are bound to spark the butterflies. According to...   Continue Reading



Relationships are like Yoga

A few years ago, I went to a yoga class. I didn’t really want to, but a friend convinced me. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. A few years ago, I went on a date with a guy. I didn’t really want to, but a friend convinced me. I wasn’t really sure what I was getting...   Continue Reading



Not enough

Today, I woke up and thought, . I got ready for the day, made breakfast, and ran out the door thinking, . Once I got to the office, I glanced at my schedule for the day and thought; . My common thought throughout this morning was “not enough.” It’s really unfortunate that my first...   Continue Reading



Why it's important to CARE

In our last  we talked about the “expectation filter” and how unrealistic and/or uncommunicated expectations have a tendency to change our perception of, and possibly even be detrimental to, our relationship. However, wouldn’t it be somewhat of an unrealistic expectation in itself...   Continue Reading



The Expectation Filter

You’ve been looking forward to it for , building it up to epic proportions in your mind. All of your friends are going to be there, you’ll get to wear that new outfit, and it’s at that new, trendy place in town so the food, drinks, and ambience will be fantastic! You’ve been...   Continue Reading



3 Things You Can Do to Prioritize Your Marriage Today

All marriages require work! Your marriage doesn’t reach perfection the moment you tie the knot, and your relationship won’t remain strong unless the two of you team up and make a commitment to work on it continuously. Life is busy, and it can be easy to let your marriage take the...   Continue Reading



The Middle Couch Cushion

As I was sitting and watching TV with my husband one evening, each of us comfortably plopped on our respective ends of the couch, I looked to my right and was somewhat astonished by what I saw. Lying there between us, in the no man's land that is the middle couch cushion, were no less than...   Continue Reading



Check In - Part 3: Conversation Inspiration

Last night was rough. Work ran late, traffic was bad, dinner was overcooked, kids didn’t want to take their baths or go to bed, and then finally, after all of that, my husband and I sat down for our Wednesday night “” and we just stared at each other. I set aside time at the end of...   Continue Reading

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