Our Mission:

Building Strong Marriages

and Healthy Relationships

Underlying Values and Strategies:

  • All programs and resources are scientifically developed and researched.
  • We are committed to reaching the entire life-span: youth, premarital, married, and aging couples.
  • Our programs and resources are designed to be proactive, practical, and skills-based.
  • We help individuals, couples, and families identify their strengths, as well as growth areas.
  • We seek to provide responsive, efficient, and helpful customer service.

Key Features of Our Products:

  • Cutting Edge: The books and programs are of the highest quality and reflect our most up-to-date research and technological development.
  • User Friendly: Both professionals and the couples they work with praise the ease of using these products.
  • Help Build Relationship Skills: All of the resources are designed to help people develop their communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • Deal with Significant Issues: All of the books and programs deal with very relevant topics and issues for improving relationships.
  • Reflect Diversity in Culture: All the material is designed to be relevant and work with various ethnic groups, economic and education levels.
  • Strengths are a major focus: The products help individuals, couples and professionals identify their strengths.
  • Assessment scales help to personalize materials: By taking quizzes, people get feedback about themselves and their relationship that is personalized to them.
  • Solid research foundation: All of the books and programs are built on current research findings and ongoing in-house studies.
  • Ongoing product development and improvements: The products are continually being improved and updated.

Training Workshops
to Become a Facilitator

With PREPARE/ENRICH day-long workshops for counselors, clergy, or mentors, you'll get thorough training on the program, providing you with the skills you need to use our relationship assessment most effectively.  .7 CEUs Available "for an additional fee", check availability

Find a Workshop Near You

Outside the U.S.?  See our International Offices

Online Self-Training

If you are unable to find a workshop in your area or prefer to learn online, you can register for PREPARE/ENRICH
Online Self-Training.


Marriage Mentor Program

Marriage Mentors Talking to Couple

Once your church or community has a trained and certified PREPARE/ENRICH professional, you might consider establishing a Marriage Mentor Program to help premarital couples get more preparation or married couples get the assistance they need for healthier relationships.

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